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We source and supply top caliber Indonesian coffee beans to individuals and organizations who share a similar vow to quality like us. If you are searching for exceptional coffee for your trade companies, business, restaurant, café, coffee shop, office or simply would like to enjoy great coffee with your loved ones – please reach us as we couldn’t imagine anything better than to introduce our great coffee to you.

About Us

PT Hapole Otniel Internasional

PT Hapole Otniel Internasional (“HPL International”) ranked as one of prominent supplier and coffee exporter company who has in-depth expertise and experience in dealing with Indonesian coffee-related transactions. For more than decades, our ancestors have handled coffee business in local and private sectors. As their great inheritance, we now continue their endeavors to meet great international demand. As an outcome, we have been able to stay at the top of our game in the coffee business and be one of the leading coffee suppliers and exporters, thanks to our outstanding experience. When we initially planned to become one of the leading coffee supplier and coffee exporter, we only had one goal in mind: to introduce our coffee as far as possible without losing their quality. It is all being worked on and we believe, however, have been successful.

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  1. To introduce Indonesian coffee at its best characteristic of taste and aroma worldwide.
  2. To empower local farmers, educate and prosper their families.
  3. To be the top leading coffee supplier and exporter in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  1. Reliability, formed and supported by our experienced ancestors who have been handled this local trade in private for more than decades, thus we are firmed in maintaining the trust from our client.
  2. Immense Relationship, having a well-maintained relationship with local farmers and all stakeholders that guide us to access the first-hand production with a best quality commodities product.
  3. Simplicity, to implement communication in the simplest and most efficient manner, in achieving a highly effective transaction.
  4. Price Transparency, by managing and maintaining a short production or distribution chain, to serve with a highly effective yet cost friendly Indonesian coffee beans.
  5. Set Up Quality, in maintaining a sustainable and evolving high quality coffee beans, by improving research and development, work efficiency and quality control.
  6. Attention to Detail, by understanding our client’s demand and preferences to achieve their goal. To provide them with the simplest, transparent, yet efficient production line in improving transaction efficiency and preserve the quality of the product until received by our client.
  7. Right People in Our Team, focus in maintain the right people in our organization to continuously providing high quality product and harmoniously collaborating to serve the client needs.
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Why HPL International?


Well-Established Coffee Relationship

As we believe in the great relationship of coffee sourcing, we have established a unique understanding of (i) farmers as our family and (ii) coffee as a tremendous agricultural product – comes with complex process and flavour. We also aim to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting the local farmers and ethically-oriented practices. By maintaining a delighted spirit, this makes what we call “expanding the coffee relationship”. We include individual interaction and cost transparency, as well as a commitment to moving forward both quality and agriculturist thriving.


Finest Quality of Indonesian Coffee

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality handcrafted coffee and feel proud in every single of our process to procure the seeds, cherries, and beans to be a cup of great coffee. Likewise, most of our coffee trees have been planted since 1990’s and surrounded with great herbs. These great circumstances contribute a constant and mature flavor to our beans. We also partnered with our great roasters to provide the inner amazing taste of our coffees.


Great Support for Your Business

Depending on your preference, our product is customizable. We are happy to provide you with the end-product to ease your production chain. Not confining in providing our agricultural products at its best, yet we provide a proper packing to maintain the quality of the product until they are received by our client.

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Wide-Networking in Indonesian Coffee Supply

Rather than exclusively centering on our own coffee lands production in Kerinci (Jambi) and Sidikalang (Medan) apart, our extensive network and supply chains are also profoundly imbued in exploring and developing other areas, that provides dan represents great quality of Indonesian coffee. For instance: Gayo (Aceh), Kintamani (Bali), Lintong (North Sumatera), Mandailing (North Sumatera), Dolok Sanggul (North Sumatera), Toraja (South Sulawesi), Flores Bajawa (East Nusa Tenggara), and Wamena (Papua) and will continue to expand overtime. Through this extensive and trusted network of our farmers, we are ready to deliver Indonesian coffees that make all the contrast in quality and transparency.

Our Community Involvement

In running out the business, we consistently contribute to our farmers. For us, they are the pioneer to the success of Indonesian agricultural products.

Visit HPL International

Want to visit HPL International, why not? We have more than enough beautiful places to be visited and we are happy to show our production plant on Sumatera, Indonesia to you. Yes, your visitation will be our most memorable experience!

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