About PT Hapole Otniel Internasional

HPL Exporter

PT Hapole Otniel Internasional (“HPL International”) ranked as one of the fastest growing start-up exporter company who has in-depth expertise and experience in dealing with Indonesian commodity-related transactions. We continue our ancestors’ efforts who have handled this local trade in private for more than decades.

We believe overseas buyers may have a great interest in Indonesian commodities but may not know how to best search the market for their needs or speak our language proficiently. While the language is spoken today by a majority of the population is the local vernaculars (with more than 700 local languages). These aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing the products.

With our knowledge of culture and business practices, combined with well-maintained relationship with local farmers as well as the local government, HPL International is able to connect you with the Indonesian best local farmers/producers. With such ease, we managed to shorten a long distribution chain and to serve you with highly effective yet cost friendly of Indonesian commodities products. Conclusively, we can provide significant benefits to both our local farmers/producers and overseas buyers by giving them proper and reasonable prices.

Good business ethics are essential in our company. We also follow international norms, local prevailing laws and standard applied in export business. Therefore, we are always put our customers as our top priority and satisfying their requirements in appropriate business ethics.

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