HPL Exporter

PT Hapole Otniel Internasional (“HPL International“) ranked as one of the fastest growing start-up exporter company who has in-depth expertise and experience in dealing with Indonesian commodity-related transactions. We continue our ancestors’ efforts who have handled this local trade in private for more than decades. 

We believe overseas buyers may have a great interest in Indonesian commodities but may not know how to best search the market for their needs or speak our language proficiently. While the language is spoken today by a majority of the population is the local vernaculars (with more than 700 local languages). These aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing the products. 

With our knowledge of culture and business practices, combined with well-maintained relationship with local farmers as well as the local government, HPL International is able to connect you with the Indonesian best local farmers/producers. With such ease, we managed to shorten a long distribution chain and to serve you with highly effective yet cost friendly of Indonesian commodities products. Conclusively, we can provide significant benefits to both our local farmers/producers and overseas buyers by giving them proper and reasonable prices.

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Why Choose Us

The followings are our main essential aspects to be considered.


Trustworthy Experience

We have been formed and supported with our experienced ancestors who have handled this local trade in private for more than decades.


Great Support

Having well-maintained relationship with local farmers and all stakeholders. This helps us to access the first-hand production with a best quality commodities product.



We keep our communication in the simplest and most efficient manner, therefore we can achieve a highly effective transaction. 


Reasonable Price

We managed to shorten a long distribution chain and to serve you with highly effective yet cost friendly of Indonesian commodities products.


Customizable and Attention to Detail

Depending on your preference, our product is customizable. We happily to provide you with the end-product to ease your production chain. Not limited in providing our agricultural products, yet we provide a proper packing to maintain the quality of the product until they are received by our client.


Right People in Our Team

We focus to maintain the right people in our organization to continuously providing high quality product. We are harmoniously collaborating to serve your needs.

Meet Our Team

Each one of us sitting in the management has various backgrounds and experience in the scope of agriculture, real-estate, bank and non-bank financial transactions, fintech, law and business. We have been in the international line of business as well as have been established various well-systemized local businesses.


Hans Gilbert Ericsson

Comes with a strong desire to learn new subject of knowledge and create a system nor advice that has an impact, both for an individual and the legal entity at large.

He has been pursuing his legal education since his bachelor’s degree, appear to represented Indonesia internationally on several occasions in the fields of humanitarian law and space law, yet he is trusted to be the head of delegations in both national and international organizations. By accentuate the value of commitment and persistence, Hans has successfully graduated with summa cum laude. In his early carrier, he has been entrusted with creating an internal system for national and international companies regarding the complex prevention system for anti-money laundering, corruption and terrorism, valued million of dollars, as well as participating in providing legal advice in the formulation of an omnibus bill. He is now pursuing his master degree of business law.


Alasandar Polasio Sihaloho

Comes from respected family of “Sihaloho” in Medan, Polasio is very well thought-of and respected by the people of Medan and Jambi for his generous nature. His bold and business intuitive has led him as the leader of real-estate project since at the early age. Now, Polasio manages more than 50 doors residential properties in Medan, with a net worth estimated at IDR15 billion or USD1.2 million to be exact. He actively involves in his family agricultural-related businesses who maintain more than 750,000 m2 cultivation land in Sumatera, Indonesia.

His straight-shooting viewpoints on real estate and agricultural-businesses have been admired by the locals. After graduated as bachelor of law with a summa cum laude, he is currently pursuing his master of notarial degree at well-respected Indonesian Public University.


Leonardo Sanjaya

Having been taught well regarding the investment philosophy at the age of 15, the concept of “money-asset allocation” has been deeply rooted in his behavior of money management. He started his investment since the early of age when he bought gold and stocks. 

After graduated with summa cum laude and awarded as the “Best Graduate” in bachelor of law at Trisakti University, he pursues his career as a corporate lawyer to sharpen his legal analytical skill and international exposure in first-tier corporate law firm. He recently advises and represents both international and domestic clients in multi-million dollars transactions (combined) and high-profile litigation cases. While not practicing law, Leon manages his retail business and actively advises his family trucking business both from law and business perspectives.

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